Creative Movement Inspires Understanding

Dance classes generally have the same use of terminology, basic warm-ups and movements. But do all inspire creative movement? Having a student creatively move with any piece of music or imaginative idea can be incredibly inspiring. Simply asking them to feel with their hands or grow like a tree can spur deep ideas into their mind to connect them with their movement.

Children’s minds are sponges and can learn almost anything you teach them. However simply stating for them to pick up their knee and stomp loud can create different ideas for all.  Placing an imaginative idea in their mind can really make them dig deep into what the movement is trying to create. Telling them to stomp like an elephant walking loudly connects directly to what actions need to happen. Therefore them imaging they are in fact the elephant and can do a loud stomp with self-confidence.

At Kay’s Dance Movement we inspire creative movement in every class. Each student learns differently and will connect to a movement in their own way.  Nothing is more exciting than watching a student master their step and watching their faces light up with self-assurance thinking, “yes I can do it!”