Contemporary Class

Grades 3rd - 12th


Creative expression that includes a multitude of dance genres including jazz, lyrical, ballet and modern. Contemporary dance breaks the conventional dance style movements with fluidity, emotions, and energy. This class if perfect for the dancer who loves unique movements.



Combo Ballet/Tap

3 Years old and up

Beginning Ballet and Tap concepts. Designed for our dancers ages 3 years to 6 years. Some creative movement is used to build the foundation of ballet and tap movements. The more technical environment helps develop proper dance movement, classic dance terminology, musicality, yet stays open to creativity for personal development.


Combo Jazz/Tap

3 years old and up

Move to a funky beat with jazz styles derived from Broadway and the stage. Then launch into age appropriate pom ballet moves with strength. This combo class prepares students to perform on a stage or field. Our teachers focus on developing coordination, spatial and body awareness, musicality, terminology and working with their peers. Designed for our dancers ages 3 years to 6 years.



Ages 5 - 18 years

Learn fun, fresh, and funky moves in Hip-Hop. This class specifically designed for Elementary students ages 5 to 12 years old. Classes will be divided into proper age groups .  Students will learn teamwork, coordination, proper dance technique and terminology. Personal dance development is our priority.  



Intro to Ballet

Ages 3-5

Our Into to Ballet class strikes a perfect balance between structure and creativity. In this division we begin carefully laying the earliest foundation of ballet technique, but we always compliment our class work with fun, imaginative activities that keep young dancers captivated, engaged, and utterly in love with ballet.


Ballet I & II

Ages 7 and up

This class is the foundation for all other styles of dance.  This class incorporates barre work, jumps, turns, leaps, technique, across the floor combinations, and center work. This class also establishes discipline, posture, and much more. 



Ages 5 and up

The students will learn technique and terminology similar to a mat gymnastics class, flexibility and core strength exercises, and choreography. Acro is a great class for students wanting to strengthen their core, improve their balance, and learn gymnastics and cirque technique. Students can expect to learn back bends, walk overs, aerials, cartwheels, and more. Since Acro combines dance skills with gymnastics, students are recommended to take a traditional dance class in addition to Acro so they can combine their Acro skills with choreography easily.



Ages 5 and up

Our lyrical class takes a mixture of ballet and jazz movements dancing to the lyrics and meaning of a song. Lyrical dances are expressive utilizing lifts, strength, beauty and grace during a performance

Drop In Classes

Teens & Adults

Check back each week for fun and exciting opportunities! $10 drop in fee each week.